One Man’s Comments on His Own ‘Resurrection’

Called Lawrence, this man referred to the moment he met God as a believer and worshiper as his ‘resurrection.’ He was eighteen years old and was soon thereafter admitted to the brotherhood of the Carmelites located in Paris, France in the year 1666. His admission was on the basis of his deep faith in and … Continue reading One Man’s Comments on His Own ‘Resurrection’

A Conversation for 7/24/2014

Are you familiar with the word ‘sanctification? I have never come across this word except in a spiritual concept,¬†but my¬†understanding was that it means ‘to set apart’ so I decided to look it up. Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary states that “it is the act of making holy” so we are in the right neighborhood as … Continue reading A Conversation for 7/24/2014