Are You a Disciple?

Is there a difference between a disciple and an apostle? We associate the word “apostle” with the twelve who were chosen by Jesus. We recognize they were taught and we see by their actions that they learned. How do we know that? James 1 tells us we are known by our actions…in his way of … Continue reading Are You a Disciple?

Ten Things you can Offer God

This is a compact study of  one’s self; and because no one has knowledge or understanding of what is in another’s heart, it would be detrimental to both the giver  and the receiver to judge. To achieve this study successfully, therefore, one must apply it only to self. We need also to understand that God … Continue reading Ten Things you can Offer God

Just for Me

Listening, ever listening to hear the Savior’s voice But what I hear is a train’s lonely cry and a whiperwill Lonely as I. Nostalgia fills my heart with pain For loved ones now long gone and I’m sure The Lord has left me, in pastures overgrown. But then I hear a blessing that only I can see It’s a sweet call of … Continue reading Just for Me