Heaven’s Bounty

Heaven’s Bounty                    -2009 One cold and frosty night In the soothing great outdoors A single flake fell gently And settled on earth’s floor, One flake, but many crystals With promises to fulfill Quickly covered every surface With heaven’s cold, white chill. Like a blanket warms a … Continue reading Heaven’s Bounty

Upward Bound — Revelation

Revelation: You may not know that Upward  Bound has been my blog name since the beginning for me on ‘wordPress in the year 2013. It has been a wonderful experience for  me and I am grateful to ‘wordPress for all that I have learned. I have become weary at times and thought that I needed … Continue reading Upward Bound — Revelation

Following the Heart

Sorrow’s Sorrow Crimson’s hope does heartbeat cry Holding to old memories die Knowing now it’s winter’s tear As sorrow’s shadow lingers near. Inside  the heart once seen and heard Time erodes the mem’ries old Let sorrow’s shadow linger near Fabrications held so dear. Poem by — Marie Atwood Picture by — Pixel Painting by — … Continue reading Following the Heart