Fake Moonbeams

Fake Moonbeams Oblivion takes me far awayFrom where I sadly lieRemembering all we said and didAnd how we laughed and criedIt fills my heart with anguishKnowing it’s now a dreamBut loneliness keeps me busyAnd out of fake moonbeamsCome to me in dreams my loveAnd we’ll sing a silly songAnd yearn for drifting promisesThat have left … Continue reading Fake Moonbeams

An Experiment in Style

Regardless of the fact that folklore tells us ‘curiosity killed the cat’ I am a curious person, and can never resist a new challenge. I saw instructions for writing a Welsh style poem called a GWAWDODYN, and I couldn’t resist. It isn’t all that different actually following a 9-9-10-9 syllable lines with that extra syllable … Continue reading An Experiment in Style

Golden Bells

Soft golden bells Slip into my soul Adjusting parameters Of glory to behold. And as the ache of sorrow Recedes, I glimpse anew The healing that’s awaited Patiently to be reviewed. His love flows in and through me Filling spaces found within That initiates rejoicing in Golden bells that mend. I feel relaxation Slip quietly through … Continue reading Golden Bells

The Grandeur of Life

A photograph may define What man can barely see The grandeur of creation That sweeps from sea to sea. His proteges have not language Nor tongue with which to impart Yet each presupposes The Master’s precious art. In mountains there is splendor From valley to mountain peak With energy enough for sharing With the depths … Continue reading The Grandeur of Life