Upward Bound — Revelation

Revelation: You may not know that Upward  Bound has been my blog name since the beginning for me on ‘wordPress in the year 2013. It has been a wonderful experience for  me and I am grateful to ‘wordPress for all that I have learned. I have become weary at times and thought that I needed … Continue reading Upward Bound — Revelation

An Experiment in Style

Regardless of the fact that folklore tells us ‘curiosity killed the cat’ I am a curious person, and can never resist a new challenge. I saw instructions for writing a Welsh style poem called a GWAWDODYN, and I couldn’t resist. It isn’t all that different actually following a 9-9-10-9 syllable lines with that extra syllable … Continue reading An Experiment in Style

The Consistency of Confusion

This piece comes from one of my own spiritual journals and was inspired by the oft-times bewilderment that befuddles my decision making. For lack of a more descriptive word, I labeled it Confusion, and discovered today that I should have called it The Consistency of Confusion, so here it is in its new label. I hope it will be of … Continue reading The Consistency of Confusion

Book Recommendation-The Winthrop Woman

Book Recommendation Name: The Winthrop Woman Author: Anya Seton Publisher: Mariner Books, Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Type: Biographic/Historical Fiction This is a very interesting story based on the life of Elizabeth Winthrop, member of a prestigious, wealthy family, whose head, John Winthrop was Governor of an area of land in what is called the Bay Area … Continue reading Book Recommendation-The Winthrop Woman