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And There Was War in Heaven: A Guide to Understanding God’s Purpose and His Plan

GOD HAS GIVEN TO US  FREELY  THE INFORMATION WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIS PLAN FOR US.  Unfortunately, something happened along the way. That something was the Spirit whose name we are most associated with as Satan.  I’m certain most of us who have access to Bibles are familiar with the Book of Genesis, which reveals quite a lot about this Spirit who decided quite early in his existence that he wasn’t interested in what God was offering him. This is one of our textual indications that God does not force us to be His followers. Did you realize that? God wants you as a follower but you must make the decision And that is what is on my mind.

Thanks to Satan and the fact that we are not Divine creatures who can do no wrong we need to spend some time considering the ramifications of what I have just shared.  Because of those two factors we are in serious trouble as God foresaw that we would be. What does this trouble indicate is the problem? The Problem is SIN and it separates us from God because God is Light and Sin is Darkness and they cannot live together.

  1. Both as adults and as children we have failed in our task as mentors to those who seek God’s word. How so? Just as we as adults have at times rejected portions of God’s word or we have misunderstood the meaning of either a passage or an entire work we have duplicated the mistake the Jews made by not accepting Jesus. That is difficult to understand. Children on the other hand generally learn the gist of a Bible story but seldom understand the core of the lesson. You may not realize that we reject our Lord in a different manner than the Jews did, but it is still rejection. Answer some of these questions and it will probably give you difficulty in answering the questions and why they are important to understanding the New Testament. For instance: why did the first-century Jews reject the promised Messiah? Why is Revelation a part of His message, since it is in apocalyptic language, and does it have any meaning for us? Why was such a bloody method used to make the commitment of legality to the transactions. These questions are important, for both knowledge and understanding and also provide additional sources of honor from which we are able to praise Him more effectively. They are also the background for the New Covenant under which we live. Without them, we would not have reconciliation or salvation.

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From Faith to Faith: As We Live in the Spirit

From Faith to Faith, As We Live in the Spirit is a spiritual message to those who love God. He loves us and yearns for our hearts to be one with His and gives us opportunity to participate in the fulfillment of that desire by choosing the path of spiritual growth that will draw us closer to His presence and to His Holy nature. Based on the loving nature of His every activity as He ministered to us on this planet, and intent on our own goal of becoming like Him, God gradually changes us into the glorious, spiritual person He wants us to be.

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To Those Who Would Love: A Metamorphosis

To Those Who Would Love is unique. Its difference lies in the metamorphic growth of its heroine, June, who is capable of making life-changing decisions in spite of the pain it gives her, but not because it is what she wants. Love, she finds, is not always enough.

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