Cars and Traffic

I hear some distant thunderAnd bombs that burst in airBut it’s only morning trafficAnd sounds that bring despair. Unaware such raucous noiseDisturbs those still in bedTheir tires create some musicThat was better left unsaid. Displaced air squeaks in protestBut wheels continue to rollLeaving lonely echoesEach mile along the road. A hiss, a rumble, asSomeone honks … Continue reading Cars and Traffic

The Depths of the Sea

Imaginationtakes me downInto the depthsOf a murky seaFor it is there anAncient vessel liesBuried in sand and debris.She still stands proudIn her rusted coatEven without her colors highFor she’s wrapped inSeaweeds ancient grayThat dangles from her skyIt keeps her warm some sayProtecting from wind and storm;It also ties her to the rockThat contrived to do … Continue reading The Depths of the Sea

Fake Moonbeams

Fake Moonbeams Oblivion takes me far awayFrom where I sadly lieRemembering all we said and didAnd how we laughed and criedIt fills my heart with anguishKnowing it’s now a dreamBut loneliness keeps me busyAnd out of fake moonbeamsCome to me in dreams my loveAnd we’ll sing a silly songAnd yearn for drifting promisesThat have left … Continue reading Fake Moonbeams