Upward Bound — Revelation

Revelation: You may not know that Upward  Bound has been my blog name since the beginning for me on ‘wordPress in the year 2013. It has been a wonderful experience for  me and I am grateful to ‘wordPress for all that I have learned. I have become weary at times and thought that I needed … Continue reading Upward Bound — Revelation

Self Abandonment

Self Abandonment These two words are easily pronounced and taken each by itself are quite easy to define. Self…the ‘whom’ of your existence. Now, I admit, I didn’t go to the dictionary to describe this word for the simple reason that when we speak of “self” it is the same as saying “now listen closely, … Continue reading Self Abandonment

Are You a Disciple?

Is there a difference between a disciple and an apostle? We associate the word “apostle” with the twelve who were chosen by Jesus. We recognize they were taught and we see by their actions that they learned. How do we know that? James 1 tells us we are known by our actions…in his way of … Continue reading Are You a Disciple?