About Marie


Marie Atwood, 2012

My name is Marie and I am pleased to meet you!

This is a rewrite of the page that was already here so it is still about me. I try to tell you about who I am and what I am  and how I got to be this person called ‘Marie.’ Some of my story has already been told in earlier pages and you are welcome to go back and begin ‘at the beginning ‘ if you are interested . I will, over time, give you not only my history, but a few quotes that seem to define me. (Do you ever find quotations that cause you to think “hey, that sounds just like me?) When I do I copy them down real quick so I will remember to always be “me”.

There will be other things I hope you will enjoy. I’m an avid collector of beautiful pictures. This is in part because beautiful things inspire me. Did you read my definition of inspiration on today’s front page? Do you ever wonder about inspiration? Some things just don’t click, do they? But beauty is special and so much of it comes straight from God .

I love trying to capture pictures in my poems that are drawn for us by God. I hope you can see and feel some of them because I don’t want my poetry just to be words. Achieving that goal is important to me, so let me hear your comments.

Occasionally, I will give you a poem that is just about me. There aren’t very many of those, so unless I have a streak of insight regarding my ‘inner quirks’ you won’t have too many of them. Be sure to take a peek at this page and the one about my book publications because I’ll be putting new stuff here every week.

In apology I feel I must tell you why I have missed five months of visiting with you. I am having some complications with my heart condition and some other problems and  have been tied up with doctors and traveling to see doctors. I’m on full time oxygen now, not entirely bedfast, but at times that’s where I have to be.  I’m thankful to have this outlet so that there is some communication with you and others. At some point I will also start
showing you some of my art work for critique.

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