A Sololiloquy


A Sololiloquy
        April 17, 2019

I’ve lived for heaven,
I’ve lived for this
For I long to deal with
The angels in bliss.

I’ve wandered at times
Lost but not blind
Guide me, Oh Lord
As I am all thine.

Struggles surround me
Yet you are aligned
Forgiving always
Unto ninety and nine.

There are times I’ve loved
This world of thine
The mountains, the trees
The flowers that shine

But you alone do call
My name unto forever
Where I  yearn for you and
to ever be with thine.

Bless thou my efforts
Poor though they seem
Freed from pain  and
Sorrow’s needs, I pray that

In renewal I may be swift and
Sweet to learn the wondrous
Words complete to reach those
Who are worn and torn

But incomplete, needing
Your gift of love, to bless
The path that was strangely torn
From love’s sweet message of release

Yes, even from heaven
Precious love still speaks
Of repentance and forgiveness,
For those who still weep

Who still want what was lost to
Fulfill the richness of sameness
For all to come who still seek
Released from the cold of Satan’s lore

He humbly waits at his open door
To welcome those who are meek and
Shamed, unworthy we seek you
Still in order to claim the love that thrills

If you believe don’t run from him
For he’s humbly waiting at heaven’s
Door to join with those who
Want you here

That as believers all may enjoy
In thanksgiving and praise
The gift of purity in your life
Again and join the choras

That love proclaims
Living for him, let
We will live together
Where the angles sing

In praise of God
Eternally blessed
In the sanctity of
His purity and holiness.



































1 thought on “A Sololiloquy

  1. Musings of a Messy Mind ~ Teresa Dodd

    Yes! The longer I live the more I yearn!


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