Fake Moonbeams

Fake Moonbeams

Oblivion takes me far away
From where I sadly lie
Remembering all we said and did
And how we laughed and cried
It fills my heart with anguish
Knowing it’s now a dream
But loneliness keeps me busy
And out of fake moonbeams
Come to me in dreams my love
And we’ll sing a silly song
And yearn for drifting promises
That have left since you are gone.

4 thoughts on “Fake Moonbeams

  1. Musings of a Messy Mind ~ Teresa Dodd

    Always liked this one! Wonderful!


    1. I love seeing you first thing every day, I’m glad you recognized the song, and thanks for liking. I should have mentioned that it is more than a poem. Hope you are doing better.


  2. Love this expression “loneliness keeps me busy”. It occupies a vastness all its own!


  3. Thanks for the comment Lulu. Looked at from that direction I guess it can be funny!


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