The Year it Snowed

The Year it Snowed

The Year it Snowed!

I’ve lived in Colorado for so many years I’ve forgotten just how long ago it has been. Around Christmas time the kids and I would generally begin to hope for snow, but it seldom came, or at least not in the quantities that we were actually hoping for. Oh, we usually had a light snow sometime in the season and finally one year we actually had snow. Now I don’t know how much you think is enough but we went the limit that year and then some.  One of our girls and her husband did’t live very  far from where we were, but that year, they only made it to the end of their street which was only about three blocks maybe a little less, and turned right I can tell you they didn’t go over two blocks before their “little” car groaned and they struggled to get it to the curb…and they debated should they or (Could They) get back home. It was a toss up, I actually think it was farther to our place but the die was cast, they wanted to go up so UP it was.  By the time they got to us they were worn out, but after a few minutes they’d have to go back for another load from their car. Very long out there in the car everything would be frozen. Well we ate food and desserts like crazy. I had cooked up every kind of candy imaginable and pecan pies Chocolate cakes, and if you wanted it chances are we had it. up a hill to reach our place which was in a closed circle. But they didn’t get up that little hill. They got as close to the curb as their car would allow and then they got out, every man, woman or child loaded down with something…there was whatever you chose to carry and plenty for the adults to go back for secondary loads. I don’t believe any of us will ever forget that Christmas holiday, that is, until some of the younger ones began to have trouble with being tired of being in the house. The brave ones got out with snow above the waist line yelling and talking to each other like crazy and each person who was riding with them began to carry gifts and food.   Once you got in you could have trouble getting out of those circles especially if very many living there had much company,

Well we had fun and we had table games, and we had food, food, and just a tiny little piece of the pecan pie…before the younger ones started going outside to ‘play’. And this went on for several days, but cars were still blocked, stuck somewhere and that was that and boredom crept in suddenly when the pie and several other things were diminished. Then the groans were aching to get out and do other things. Who wants snow like that All the time

This year on the somber day of 11/1 2018 it began to snow, and this one brought some real cold with it along with a right brisk wind. Today I believe is February 9, 2019 and I kid you not, we still have not seen even a substantial spot of ground since 11/1  One day this week it snowed all day so our covering was recovered.

I just thought that if you are tired of your show, that it might be you could make it up because our own personal tractor driver sees to it.

Color in Winter Winter_Landscape-wallpaper-10442753

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