Upward Bound, WHO TO FOLLOW


You can’t be a follower if you are tied to Self.


When there is a disagreement, who do you choose to follow? I liked this picture for a simple reason, can you guess? Look carefully and you will see what I saw, the love of a father for his son.  We don’t know the rest of the story when we are looking at a picture, but there is still a lot we can learn from it. There are lots of “if’s” we could attach to this  but let’s look further and see if we can use reality to study this picture.

1. If the son shouted to his father and said “Hey, Dad, can you bring me a drink?”  and the father answered: “Sure thing, coming right up” your reaction would be something on line of ‘what a good father! He came to be with his son and that is where his focus.

2. What if the man had said instead  “I’m busy here, can’t you see i’m busy here: If you’re thirsty go get your own drink.” What would you think of that man? You might have said to yourself, “What a hateful man, I’m glad he’s not my dad.”

My point is that things like this happen every day, and we don’t even notice because it has become so common.

Unknowing can grow to the ignorance of not knowing or caring and when that happens you are more likely to become the person you disliked in the above sentences. What is going on in the world we live in is important to us in learning how NOT to be one who is dedicated to, tied to, and critical of others and of their behavior. Observation makes for vulnerability because if you don’t like something you are in serious probability going to copy the action, or speech the way you heard it.

In this picture, the girl is pulling to go on toward the view at the opposite end from where she stands, but the friend with her seems to be pulling her back, perhaps pleading with her not to go. My thought was of danger, but there could also be other reasons. The point here is that should always be courteous with those who are companions. Don’t insist on doing things the way you want it to be and if you don’t like it, then too bad. In conclusion for tonight there is a phrase I would like you to memorize. You might wonder why this particular statement is so important and I am happy to tell you. I read of people continually who minimize spirituality as being given too much credit for anything and it is after all just a lot of rules that must be followed. This, if you will excuse the forthright manner in which I reply: Statements such as these are HOGWASH, meaning not worth anything. Now, the sentence I would like you to remember goes this way: “rule following is not the problem these people have, the problem is ATTITUDE. The consequence is that we have an affliction that I have named HEART – SICK meaning we have ceased to care, to be bothered by anything that takes us from what WE want to do.  Now, for the second picture.



Writing: Marie Hunter Atwood

Pictures: Pexel



2 thoughts on “Upward Bound, WHO TO FOLLOW

  1. Inspiring words, Marie 🙏


  2. Musings of a Messy Mind ~ Teresa Dodd

    Beautiful thoughts, powerful words! I find myself at times responding to requests but grumbling to myself. That’s not where my heart should be so I am chastened and will strive to be grateful to have someone to interrupt me instead! Thank you!


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