That looks like a silly header and it probably is, but there is something that is bothering me about us as real people and I have to get it off my chest so I can go on to what I trust will be a little more beneficial.

First, how do you feel about yourself and do you share that with others?

Second, are you the person who hides from reality and runs somewhere to hide?

Third, are you person who isn’t afraid of anyone or anything and you let everyone know that you are the best?

Number 2 and 3 are the ones we run into more than number 1, or at least that has been my experience. And it may seem odd to you but as I was growing up I hoped that every person I met would know all about everything and wouldn’t mind telling you so. My reasoning was that I wouldn’t have to answer any questions at school because this person or that one would take care of it for me.?

Did I recognize that I was hurting myself? Of course not, but I was some 2 and some one.

I guess what I am getting at is how is number two going to get out of her corner with the other two varieties breathing up all the air in the room? Is there a way without drawing ‘blood’ so to speak.

I would give an  example that there are things NOT to do. Obviously you wouldn’t downplay the timid one, or try to force her (or him) to accept the obligation, the assignment, the drama of a new experience. In fact, I believe the only way to get that person out of the corner is to create the desire in the heart either to be like that person, (God forgive it would be  be like the loud mouth). However, you may not have considered that it can be just as tiring to be around someone who  always has something new to share about his/her own abilities. You can be happy for such a person, but if it goes on and on every time you meet it begins to be weak and tiring.

Okay, so what can you do? I have thought about this many times and watched it being played out, and I am of the opinion that it works.

An announcement is posted after school on Monday, (etc,.): Purpose,  to select the annual gift for the graduating senior class; all class heads and leaders of organizations are expected.

There are groans all around because no one has the time to shop if a decision is made which is unlikely. So what to do.

Thinking to corner number 1 into accepting they tormented her with all sorts of reasons why she/he would be perfect for this job. She finally consented on the condition that her choice would be final because no one could find the time to go shopping and she finally gave in and took it knowing she was the only person present who wanted the job but didn’t expect ever to be appointed.  But, she had a reason no one suspected. They all expected something athletic, like new uniforms for football, a new stadium, etc., whereas, she was a music major and had decided on an organ and had found one that was within the school’s budget after the class donation. Luck was with her and the school was thrilled and half the school hated her, but she had been used by people who were supposed to be her friends, and instead she planned and put the plan into action and actually though none would admit it, she made a tiny step out of her corner.

So what is the conclusion? By letting the others manipulate her she gained a bit of prestige that would grow into a sudden knowledge that she could be herself by thinking without being a loud mouth or by being a  very forward person who wants to be sure you know all of her advantages. I admit I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Perhaps you can help me solve the riddle by including a comment with your position.

I can’t help but think they got what they deserved, but then again did the girl take advantage of them.


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