Great News is in the Air

Great News is in the Air!!

There is much reason for rejoicing over news that just came out today. I just read it a few minutes ago and though I know some of you will see it in the papers or elsewhere, I am certain that many will not see it, so here is my gesture toward the end that Americans have reason to be proud.

Here it is:

November 6, 2018 — President Trump has just announced that he has instituted a new, and long overlooked circumstance by ordering an African American Camp to honor those African Americans who fought in the Civil War. The Camp then known as the Colored   States has been named The Camp Nelson and honors not only those who fought but those who were responsible for the Old Camp Nelson which was one of the largest and best recruiting centers for African Americans then known. These Americans risked their lives by the thousands just as others did who were soldiers in the Civil War.

It strikes me that this recognition is a remarkable tribute that should have been accomplished long ago. I think we all know the answer in that those Presidengs who went before President Trump  lacked the courage or perhaps it was not so much courage as it was gumption to do what needed to be done with the country at odds over countless racial issues. This because of color. It was a radical argument and it is still a radical, stupid argument that this gesture will aid in doing away with.

My husband and I saw the movie years ago that was a tribute to the African American  who were actors in that amazing picture.  It was a marvelous demonstration of bravery and honor, and we hoped then that more would follow for those of the African American community. I also pray that those who have felt the injustice of past years will not take that as reason to continue the fight between blacks and whites. It requires both to resolve and heal the lessons learned, and the many  that are still with us to learn. We are all Americans and I, for one, feel it is a good emblem of what is to come. I pray that the desire for peace will be strong and forthcoming.

Please pass this on so more people can become aware of the situation.

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