The Path to Inspiration


Change is a most useful aspect of Life from the standpoint of several ideas.

1. Sometimes a change is so necessary a person can become ill.
2.  Change rejuvenates and in the process can be inspirational.
3  Our word recreation indicates that change can restore to certain levels of                      anticipation making it possible to begin again.

Today is one of those special days for me to see if I can accomplish what I have envisioned.

The “how to” wasn’t difficult, but it was time consuming. I began on Wednesday looking through my scrap paper from projects in the past. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but with no specifics

The first thing I found was a large piece of the type of paper I paint on, and it was perfect, because I wanted to create

that was fairly large and sturdy in case I didn’t want it framed.

Next, I looked through my sketch book and pulled six small etchings that passed the doodle stage and I could actually tell what they were: two evergreen trees (to paint) some flowers (very small, you might even say some were tiny), a tiny dog sculpted in a soft material that I painted on to have the puppy, plus a Siamese cat in a sitting position that was contemplative. Next I raided my saved picture box and chose a picture of two deer, two more trees to paint, and I was ready for what would be scraps for the foundation, after raiding the  old card pictures I was never able to throw away. I also picked up a couple of ready-made things, like a tiny bicycle printed on clear plastic.

I was as ready as I could be so I went off to the table and spread it all out and I had a  soft pink background about six strips of narrow card stock to fill in some of the background and I used the 12 inches all the way across this large landscape I was endeavoring to create. Next came the evergreen , mounted deer on a green background and placed a few more things and was both pleased and ready for bedtime. This work isn’t  hard, but it can be very tedious. By now it was Sunday night and I found myself awake at four a. m. Sunday.

We went to church and met with a group of people who enjoy music, so along a class, a gift time where we all sang, and then a performance followed by a short talk and visiting later, the morning was well into the afternoon. Everyone was for a nap except me, I was for getting with my landscape.

Monday after a trip to the Dentist, it was home and back to see how and what was needed next. I extended the top and made pretend mountains to shelter the deer and a couple of squirrel who kept scampering across the page.  I finally said, okay, okay, I’ll put you in. Added some flowers and my puppy at bottom left whereupon one of the strips of the  collected bunch was perfect for a stretch for rose bushes. I did add the lengths of root that was hanging down , so that meant there had to be a new floor, and by adding a tree to it’s left it was a nice little arbor. and it was also time for bed.

Tuesday was pretty much resting from the tooth that was gone and it continued in rather rude form the way it kept on keeping on hurting, but on Wednesday, work progressed nicely and after a sleepless night it was finished with another tree or two and flower bushes. with several tiny bundles of flowers and don’t forget the bicycle. I guess it was about a two day task and I feel renewed and ready to get back to other things.

So of course the first thing to do is to show the accomplishment to you. Let me know if you would care to visit this quaint village, and I will show you around.


1 thought on “The Path to Inspiration

  1. Have a wonderful an inspiring weekend, Marie.


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