Ten Things you can Offer God

This is a compact study of  one’s self; and because no one has knowledge or understanding of what is in another’s heart, it would be detrimental to both the giver  and the receiver to judge. To achieve this study successfully, therefore, one must apply it only to self.

We need also to understand that God does not reveal the problems that  you find in yourself for the sake of showing you your weaknesses, but to enable you to grow with each progression made.

  1. Yourself — this gift validates the faith that prompts obedience. (see   also # 6).
  2.  In your acts of obedience, follow the HEART of Jesus
  3.  Exchange your focus from what is religious about your faith to what is             spiritual. (see also # 5)
  4.  The body which is the equivalent of a double-cross by the brain as the brain   should look out for the body.
  5.  Cultivate spiritual motivations — by exchanging external motivations for     internal motivations — (compare to # 3)
  6.  Work daily on ‘self’ — this is called self-abandonment which allows you to be an   open mirror to God unashamed and confident; at the same time it also gives a   list of things you need to get rid of such as   selfishness, greed, failure to examine self, excuses, laziness,   indifference, and judging; and finally we  learn we are allowed to   judge fellow members within our place of worship, but only for the   accusation of immorality. If you wonder  about that decision, it is to  protect the purity of the church.
  7. Pattern your life after the VIRTUES, 2 Peter 4-8 and ask yourself questions as you go.
  8. Walk in the Spirit…laid down step by step at Galatians 5:22-24 and indicates spiritual growth as it takes root and reveals benefits of walking in the Spirit.
  9. Be obedient to what you learn as you learn it. Lack of obedience quenches the Spirit.
  10. Give to God your continual worship and praise; Romans 12:1-2 and Hebrews 13:15 are motivations for an active faith revealing our love for Him. I urge you to be an active participant in demonstrating God’s change of you to the person for which He created you, thereby fulfilling the role for you. that is yours alone.





2 thoughts on “Ten Things you can Offer God

  1. 👍👍👍… brilliant and educative


    1. I am so sorry I have not replied to your comment on Ten Things you can offer God. I have been buried in my book and just completed it but am now involved in the reread and corrections. It won’t be long now (I hope). Title is An Historic Memoir beginning with the Dust Bowl days the six states that were the main recipients, but actually affected the entire world. Hope you will watch for it!


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