In worshiping God, do you ever stop and analyze what you are saying? I believe such an analysis must come from one who is capable both of a desire to be of service spiritually, and who is knowledgeable of God’s image, referring to both who He is and what He is. If an analysis from another scares you there is a possibility that it is needed, but the decision to welcome or refuse is always yours. I have been negligent in such ways but my mother was of a different personality. Just briefly, she began a class for children one year, but there were enormous problems. She would go to the children rather than ask them to come to her. There was no vehicle for this work of the heart, but she persevered. Mothers agreed to the program by the unexpected numbers. The Program was a success. Mother’s walk was 1.5 miles in hot burning sun twice one day a week.There were no complaints from her, just happiness that she could share the Bible with these children.

The second year rolled around and I was told the younger of the children would be mine to teach. You cannot imagine the shock that claimed me. Mother continued to say ‘don’t worry, just do your best. I on the other hand was grousing about ‘but I don’t know enough, they will be too much for me, and mother’s stern,sweet voice in the background always adamant and I knew that stern, sweet smile that accompanied her final comment: You’ll be okay. God only expects what you can do.’ In retrospect I became convinced that this change within me was because HE was my advocate partner and my mother was my single partner. This was because I was more than a little confused but I still believe the Lord HIMSELF managed that situation about the mileage, because I was not equipped physically to even do the half mile and mother could probably have covered more than one and a half. There is more to that theory than I want to discuss here, but the conclusion is that there is only God who knows the “whys” and I make it a practice not to question his reasons.

You can see from this experience that we need others to help in our guidance. There will be many times in your life when your own opinion just doesn’t hack it. This, then, develops into a dilemma which can only be satisfied by you, because in reality, no one can make this decision except you. Such an entity who looks over us is a blessing, not a curse. None of the three mentioned in the next paragraph would be prone to harm rather than to be of service. Later in the closing it is important to understand that each has a duty and responsibilities.

In part,we know the Spirit by this verse: “Seek and you will find”. Once
accepted the Spirit’s role is as guide into all Truth. Quickly, # 3: the last source of developing a relationship with someone who can be an advocate for your spirituality is a person who loves God, listens to and encourages overcoming problems, listening and understanding the Spirit and following His advice. We also follow the Spirit because of His love and respect for the Father and the Son and the responsibilities HE fulfills with those who love the Lord.

This introduction will be repeated in a few days with the ONE that features our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah. In the meantime I will share with you a Chart that is a Suggestion of Ten Things We Can Offer God.cropped-sunset1.jpg

3 thoughts on “GODLY WORSHIP

  1. Wonderful thoughts and post Marie!!! 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank YOU Natalie. I love to hear from you, but please understand I do not expect it, knowing you are not well and that there are so many who also love to hear how you are doing.
      Do take care of yourself and just remember how much I love you and admire you sweet Lady from Texas!

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      1. Oh I always try to stay in touch even if it’s only a word or two because I’m so blessed to have people like you in my life!!! Thank you for caring about me and for loving me sweet Marie❣️ You are a treasure and precious to me! Love and hugs dear one❤️😘xoxo xoxoxo xoxo


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