Time and Eternity


          This is an article that will look at two words, Time and Eternity

  • How much do you know about time? [Do you know that God designed it to         be a forever thing, forever and always accurate, always right. However, it seems he was giving mankind the opportunity to get his message correct the first time. Since that didn’t pan out, it is possible Time will be the first judgment inflicted on the judgment day (my opinion). [why? Because having been created for mankind, it will no longer be needed in heaven.
  • Can you define time?  [Time is infinite or unending, and is said to be an entity with no need for application.
  • Can you give time a synonym? [Time is said to be a statement that needs no application.
  • How much do you know about Eternity? Eternity is endless and everlasting, life after physical death.
  • How much do you know about Eternity for sinners? Eternity is living without a physical body in the after world of sinners.
  • Can you name a synonym for Eternity? Eternity could be symbolic for the word perpetuity, meaning without end.

Time —

Time is an interesting subject to poke around and see if you are able to find something that you didn’t know. Like who is responsible for keeping His clock on the correct spot — the fact is no one does and He stays incredibly busy and accurate. Most of us when asked, will say, ” but of course it was God who created t>. So why wouldn’t he do it?
And I will reply “But you do know that time is not a thing in heaven, don’t you?
and you’ll look at me like I’m crazy and I can see it on your face that you think I am totally  crazy.
So what do we do, argue our way out, be startled, which admits you were unaware that there is no time in heaven, or do we begin a conversation, like civilized people and in the end learn that we e2ach learned something from the other and we each leave thinking “that was really an interesting conversation, I would enjoy doing that again.” This is how we are to learn and how we should teach others without arguments, sarcasm, or in a negative superior manner.


          It hasn’t been very many years ago that people just like you and me would have either refused the conversation with each other or started an argument in regard to it. “Religion” which should have brought us together, had alienated us. I learned just a few days ago that such an attitude still exists within God’s churches.

As I listened to one man compliment another for the wonderful lesson he had presented, after which they reassured each other it had been the correct audience to hear such a message, and lucky that others were not in presence. I always wondered about that attitude. Do you choose good lessons only for people you consider ‘good’ or do you give those lessons to the needy?’phat should we do in such a situation? There’s only one thing to do, make amends with God and set the record straight between you and your brother.

This brings me to the closing point for this complicated condition we, as Christians, have gotten ourselves into. Reread the gospels and let your heart realize that Jesus is ot teaching religion, (the Jews had religion down pat), He was teaching spirituality. That message begins with love and ends with love, and the result comes from both sides.

Refrain from teaching dogma. Rules are not what changes a person, love is. When one loves the heart is open to learn what He does require.



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