Mountain Serenity

Mountain Serenity

Mountain Serenity by Marie Atwood, 2018

Mountain Serenity Sketch

Have you ever considered why? I have no idea why it is that way for me, but I am intrigued by such things and perhaps it gives my mind something to consider. If it were put to a test I would say that it may be because it utilizes two of the five senses rather that one, but, of course that’s my way of thinking, not God’s way.

I think maybe lots of things work that way. For instance a few years ago I began to practice sketching things that interested me. My daughter, Teresa, took me up “to the top”– the way we refer to making the drive —  because it is almost always  picturesque there and  she was going for that reason. Pictures. She is a whiz with  the camera, so I went to watch her and also how it looked on that day. If you have been in open jeeps very often you know that much more can be seen of the landscape than  from within a car. Well, I was so amazed by what I was seeing I began trying to get the basic lines down with pencil and paper to keep it fresh in my mind. Well, that was a failure as far as art was concerned, but it established a new vocation for me. It is so amazing how new things can invigorate the mind. I’ve decided to bite the bullet, so to speak , and show my progress to you. The big lesson learned is that until you attempt to do something you’ve never tried, there is practically no way to make a judgment. You might enjoy the ‘new’ tons more than anything you’ve ever tried, but you will never know unless you try.

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