Streets of Night


Beautiful colors
Colorado late afternoon landscape; family snapshot

For the Love of Children

I’ve been thinking about infants and toddlers lately, perhaps as a reaction to two births this year and another on the way. All of little ones were here with my daughter and family a week or so ago and I suspect that I still have them on my mind. We have only two boys in the whole group of eleven “greats” with the new one there will be twelve. Were my husband or my Father alive to enjoy them they would be telling everyone, “yep, nice crop this year” or possibly to someone who is not aware both of these beloved men are big teasers, they’ll say “mighty good year for tricycle motors” and the  other person will look confused until he sees the twinkle in the eyes of my two jokers and they’ll have a good laugh.

 Children, you know, are our most valuable possessions, yet we are well aware they are not possessions. Hence, the need to recognize them as individuals, unique, subject to granting honor to some, obedience to most, and love to all.

 I want my public to know that I love writing for them; however, I find they don’t respond as they used to in the ‘good ole days’. It’s easy to blame the fact that reading at bed time to children is no longer an active gift for the majority,  and children get their attention more aptly from TV but I still have hope that more families will pick up the habit again and my thanks to those who have never lost it.

This poem is about recreation specifically for young boys.  It has an old fashioned bent, but I’ve no doubt boys would still enjoy this type of recreation. By the way, have you ever mentioned to your children what happens to the body after they have played hard? Right after you stop with such activity, your body begins to rebuild itself. Muscles, nerves, all the processes that enable you to live recreates what you used while you were exerting all that energy. Does the word ring a bell? From recreate we have the word recreation. So we are recreated by the act of recreation. I do find myself wondering which person in which decade figured that out. The prime knowledge about recreation is that it is good for the body

Streets of Night

Streets have darkened to grayish blue
Tentatively warning as if it knew
Moisture would soon be falling down
Intending to cool the hot burning ground.
Children love these streets at night
Exerting energy, staying out of fights
Developing muscle, practicing “throws”
Just you and your buddies fighting to hold.
Children need such space at times
Imagining Plaques to hang on their walls
Developing character one and all
Until mama’s call the day to an end
“Fun’s-done” they say “no time to stay
Too late for lessons, but baths stay on call
Allowing a nibble of hot apple pie
Why, you’ll be asleep in no time at all.
Ready for “scouts” who may come to call
To judge who’s the best to take off to test
If muscle and mind are up on the top
Best close your eyes and dream for a while.

late night picture with street lights; reveals a recent rain


Author: Marie Hunter Atwood
Written: 20187
Picture: top) Bottom picture: pexel



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