Are You Passionate?

Are you passionate? Do you have anyone who supports or shares your passion? It is important to be passionate about some things, possibly many things, but one thing is vastly more important than others in importance. Personally I am passionate about several things. I have a beautiful family of which I am extremely proud, and we make every effort to spend time together when it is available and to stay in touch with each other when the time isn’t available.

I am also passionate in a completely different way and that is regarding my garden. Digging, planting and transplanting always gives me a new leaf on life and invariably I am invigorated. Whether I complete a day’s work or an hour’s work I experience satisfaction and happiness for the contribution.

I am equally passionate regarding the books I’ve written, and for the poetry I struggle with daily to arrange in an attractive, warm, manner that will cause others to want to share them. I am also passionate about those who come to me for help of any kind. I don’t have all the answers, but I have lots of love.

And love is where our passion must be more than we are and bigger than we are, for our example looms above and beyond us, not from necessity but from love.   We cannot afford to let our passion hang negligently at our feet while we feed our own desires. Passion must be our most important gift to God. Let it fill your hearts with the love and joy of the gift we’ve been given. We are not expected to be perfect and it is for that reason He has provided a way in which we can be reunited with Him.

It is a way involving three things, the desire to be reunited, His Mercy, and His Grace. Desire puts you on the path, Mercy cleanses through the promise of forgiveness, and Grace is the demonstration of God’s love that grants us another opportunity to be connected to Him in reconciliation. What a small thing to do for the gift of living in His presence throughout eternity.

1 thought on “Are You Passionate?

  1. Love your words of wisdom! Thank you for teaching us to love Jesus!!


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