The Spirit’s Call

Can you live each day completely

As if it were your last?

Can you perceive each needy soul

As your own personal task?

Can you be responsible

For feeding the hungry and the poor?

Are you up to pardoning every wrong

That’s been your burden to endure?

These are heavenly tasks

Assigned to man each day

That challenge what is in you

Of the Spirit’s soul to stay.

4 thoughts on “The Spirit’s Call

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    there are days when I have the intention to be in the moment, where I live as if it were my last day
    it has gotten easier to that since I died….but then there are days I realize how limited humans can be
    when we take in so much sadness and hate that some can spread, not to mention the deliberate cruelty
    people inflict on someone they came to love… is over whelming and you wonder
    what can I possible do….
    today, I am checking off a list, I make lists when I need to climb up out of the rabbit hole I fell in, I smile
    as I have already crossed off 3 things out of 10… with my mind in chaos and my heart numb these days
    I think that is living in a good moment

    I like this, it makes me feel? not sure that makes sense 🙂
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. Dear MaryRose, It was so good to hear from you. I have been off the computer for two months , health issues and working on the revisions for my book. I was afraid that in the interim I might have lost you. I am so proud of you to know that you are fighting the darkness
      one step at a time. If lists help, by all means make lists. Actually it is a way of facing what seems impossible to deal with. That you are crossing them off is magnificent! I am so sorry that you are still suffering from the losses you’ve had. Please try not to let the anger of others, their cruelty and hate hurt you. Yes, it is difficult to cope with such things, but your heart should recognize that it isn’t your problem, it is theirs, and do you know, my dear that God judges each of us by our heart? This is why you don’t have to be concerned by what others say. I would urge you to cherish your good memories as a remedy (only the good ones). Leave the ones that hurt until you’re stronger. Wouldn’t that be living in one of your good moments? I think you are exhibiting excellent ideas for getting past this sorrow and this pain, but I’m concerned that you didn’t mention your work. I couldn’t survive life’s problems without my writing. It is my survival technique. Outside of my love for God and my communion with Him, it is the only one I have. Let me know that you are continuing to write, and I will be watching for it. I know that you still have beautiful things to write.
      I had two ablations on my heart in November and in February The last one burned the back of my heart and the back of my esophagus and it has been difficult, but it did away with the fibrillation I’ve had for so many years. and I’m thankful. I think of you often and I know that your strength is going to see you through the sadness that you’re having. The poem I wrote about the Spirit’s call is an ideal, something for which to strive. It is not meant to condemn, as a point of fact I’m sure none of us could say we have achieved the level for which we reach. Spirituality is a growth process. Do you know that the Holy Spirit among other roles in our lives is our Comforter? Give Him your wounded heart, dear Rose, and feel it as it heals. God loves you as do I. How could I not? You show from your writing that you are a sweet, lovely, tender lady. Please let those characteristics help you instead of continuing to hurt you. Marie


  2. I am challenged by your poem to strive to be more Christlike! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Rebecca. I am also challenged. Love


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