Spring Artistry

Spring with her sweetness and magical sights

Over powers my senses with pure delight.

I wake one morning an she has arrived

Bursting with color, from winter survived.

The chatter of birds, the whisper of wind,

The warmth of the sun on grass green and trim

The fragrance of blossoms on crisp, clean air

Speaks of artistry with exquisite flare.

It’s almost as if she knows time is short

Each moment a gem of precious import

Aflame with color and bursting with light

She transforms her canvas long before night;

And night silently lays her work aside

Extracting pause, lest beauty subside

In extravagance and die before time

Leaving days to exist in pantomime.

8 thoughts on “Spring Artistry

  1. What a lovely poem about the explosion of beauty that is spring! We are having a late start for spring this year, but it seems like everything has bloomed overnight. Nature is truly amazing! Love you!!


    1. Thank you Diane. It always makes me feel so good when I read your comments! Of course it doesn’t always come soon enough for a lot of us. It is just now warming up here as well and I do love the snow and the wintry scenes. But the other seasons deserve their time as well, don’t you agree?


      1. I am partial to winter, I suppose because I grew up with such lovely winter scenery all around me. Fall is beautiful here in the east, since there is such a vast array of all types of trees and other lovely leaves that turn a myriad of colors. I suppose each season makes its offering, and I always look forward to what is coming next!


  2. Thank you, Marie, for this lovely ode to spring. Sweetness bursting, colors chattering as exquisiteness aflame transforms our world–such gorgeous images and word choice. Thank you for the inspiration! xo p.s. And now, happy summer…..


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