Thinking of You

I saw her again the other day
Flirting with her eyes
Looking at him as if he were me
Interest undisguised.
And it reminded me of how we met
When promises whispered lies;
But looking into the future
Only darkness filled the skies.

Gritting my teeth, I said good-by
choking up where it hurt inside
And now I’ve seen her with him
I know that decision was wise;
She doesn’t have a clue of forever
Nor of the gossamer passage of time
But now she’s gone, I’m all alone
With memories that just won’t die.

Crying in the night, for love no
Longer mine, crying, for what
Might have been.
The promises of lies that haunt
And confuse, of what has flown
With the wind. Thinking, thinking
Accompanied by two little words,
If only, it might have been.
If only, I say again.
(Marie Hunter Atwood – 2013)

1 thought on “Thinking of You

  1. Wow, Marie. That was powerful, and so so sad — a real work of art. What’s sad is that I think many of us have encountered false relationships and painful experiences like this throughout our lives. For me, I know it has definitely taken pain to know what joy truly is.


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