Muh Pedigree!

This is a change of pace, even for me, but there’s so much truth in this poem I wouldn’t dare post it when the sand is blowing, I might be sent back to Texas. My husband loved it! Hope you will enjoy the humor! Um a thirties child muh self Cum ‘ere on muh own Cudn’t wait fer a perty day Jest settled in an headed fer home. The sky wuz dark an pitted with grime Carried by the wind an the breeze It seemed they wuz a-helpin this Par-tic-u-ler plot uv ground Return to its home overseas. But I tell yuh what I seen that day That dirt’ull nevuh be the same Cause it has sum Texas in its teeth An home won’t no longuh be the same. As fer me, I let out uh yell That caused a ruckus, yuh see And thangs ground to a halt ‘pert soon To do whut had tuh be done fer me. As fer Texas dirt let me tell you yuh, please I’ve breathed it, et it and had it fer dessert Without even water to convert it to tea. So don’t tell me I got no pedigree. Why half uv Texas resides in me. Yep, um a Texan with grit in muh teeth You cain’t take that away from me Born and bred in the Lone Star state An that’s good enuff fer me! (MHA – 2010)

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