A lonely search for answers

Swirls within my soul alone

With whispers of illusion

To which it seems I’m prone.

I see some foreign castles

And feel a cool blue wave

As I stand upon a bulwark

To keep it in my gaze.

The lap of a wave crescendos

And I feel the percussive roar

Before it’s sucked beyond me

To some far and distant shore.

I hug the fleeting image

To capture all its parts

And taste the salty brine

My tongue does now impart.

I hug it even closer

To claim its piercing glow

And smell the joy of happiness

Deep within my soul.


That joy did oft sustain me

As I went my weary way

Yet never fulfilled the promise

Granted to me that day.

So it lingered like a presence

An empty chair that stays

As if there is no enemy

To swallow every day.

I search again within me

And feel a trembling there

For time has not erased

The hope that was so rare.

I weep for choices gone

And ache in weak despair

But recognize though dimly lit

My dream is cold and bare.

A fire must be rekindled

In all its dazzling array

To pierce the darkness of my soul

And guide me to my goal.


Every yearning has a color

And I see them as they sway

I laugh and taste my fingers

Caught in dark and moist clay

It fills my heart with laughter

 And again I laugh out loud

As whispers echo ’round  me

I grasp again the vow.

I feel its ancient piercing

In a dazzling array of light

And gasp before the glimmer

of inspiration’s awesome sight.

I saw it then so clearly

The angles, depths and turns

And I let the soaring vision

Within me slowly burn.

Power then moved my muscles

In a frenzy of their own

And inside I felt the heat

As matter responds to owned.

Marie Hunter Atwood

2008 (edited 2012)

4 thoughts on “WAITING to BE

  1. I love this poem and the hope it offers as we deal with our daily challenges and look to the Christ for our inspiration.


  2. Diane Gulbenkian

    You have such a talent for painting your thoughts with the use of words, carefully chosen. I always enjoy reading your poetry, and hearing the messages that they impart.


  3. I think this poem is beautiful. Well done Grandma.


  4. This is possibly my favorite of all your poems. Thank you for sharing your vision and putting into words the hopes, dreams, struggles, and inspiration that is a part of me as well. Love you!


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